Natural Light Fitness Shoot | Mile High City of Denver, CO.

Suzannah contacted me through her amazing Pura Vida trainer Sarah Fox. She was prepping for her tryouts for the Denver Bronco's Cheerleaders and building her brand for her up coming training business. Since I have a die hard love for helping people brand themselves in a way that is amiable to multiple situations we were the perfect fit. Suzannah had never modeled before and this was her first session since senior pictures so we had a blast helping her own it on the other side of the camera. Needless to say I think that this beautiful young woman did fantastic and has a big bright future ahead of her! I am honored to have been a part of the process! 


Fall Couple at Daniels Park

When a man loves a woman like this it's not replaceable. These two waited to shoot with me for a long time due to his deployment and the love they shared was seeping from both of them! It's always such a beautiful thing when two people find themselves able to pick up where they left off over and over. We drove to the parks top overlook to shoot at sunrise. The light was gorgeous, the wind was crisp and the love was epic! 

Gorgeous Engagement Session

2017 Weddings are rolling in and I can't be more excited to shoot this gorgeous couple! What a power couple and further more these two are evidently in love! I love when you walk up to a session and see that your couple is evidently in sync you have to swoon a little! When two people mesh it makes for easy going and gorgeous sessions! What a gorgeous duo and the light was stunning the whole session to boot! 

Power couple visits from Utah and their session was just as amazing as they are!

This session was wonderful and was the start of their anniversary and Tyler's birthday celebration. Tyler emailed me asking to cue him for a little surprise for his sexy lady. This guy put together of all the wonderful things he loves about his girl and gave it to Kelsey at the start of our session!  These two showed were filled with laughs the whole session and even though Kelsey forgot her dress (Her mom was a rockstar and brought it over for her and she may have tripped while running it over to us but recovered like some of our recent Olympians have, instantly) these two we nothing but seeping love!  The gorgeous light, warm water and the love between these two made this session nothing but HOT! 

Gorgeous Water Session Styled by Jacquelyn King from Peace, Love and Royalty Boutique

Summer time in Colorado is always my favorite...the crisp breeze that blows, the warm sun and the rivers are always flowing. This session was nothing short of amazing as the result! We set out to shoot after having Jacquelyn put together some amazing details for us to shoot and these two showed up madly in love! Making our session wonderfully beautiful! 

Colorado Fire Creates Beautiful Sunset for couples session!

There is nothing as terrible as sitting down for your morning coffee to hear that some of your favorite places are on fire in your home state. The morning of our session I watched the morning news show a map of colorado and all the fires ablaze. The hard part is that I am immediately  conflicted when this happens. I love my state but let me tell you the sunset's fires create are truly unbelievable and I knew that my session was going to be epic as the result. Even at a far distance from them it was of course as beautiful as I thought it would be! Not only did I have a gorgeous sunset but the couple I got to shoot was stunning! I have shot a lot of NPC fitness competitors but never a couple and these two were just days from hitting the stage in NYC. What an epic way to celebrate all their hard work together as a couple and to make it even better when they left I received the sweetest text. They felt as is they were back to dating again after years of love those little moments of spark are nothing short of amazing! I knew at that moment that their session would be cherished forever! <3

Couples Session at the Bluff's

What a beautiful night...clear sky, perfect sunset, nice warm breeze and a hot couple. I couldn't ask for more when shooting a couple like these two. Never having been in front of the camera together these two warmed up the night as the sun faded and our session began. As a challenge for myself and as a start to their long needed date night we climbed the bluffs as the sun set and began shooting with little to no sun until there was no light other than the moon.