What’s In My Camera Bag?

So here is the deal guys...what's in your bag is what is working for you right now. If you are just starting out and want to know what works for others take a look at the cool gear I use. If you want new gear because the gear you are using isn't working for you then research. If you want to use something different then do. I was once told that it isn't the gear that makes the image but the artist and I whole heartedly believe that to be true, through and through. So if you love something else then what I use then keep on rocking it out and if you want to know more about why I use what I do contact me and ask! 

So with that being said you can understand why I say I BELIEVE & KNOW our gear doesn’t create our images for us. Our gear doesn't make us better or worse. It doesn't define us and it isn't the end all be all. However it is your tool. Know your tools, understand how they work and master them because in my opinion it is hard to be good at your craft if your tools aren't something you have ever used. Now with that being said, as a photographer, our tools all have the same idea behind them. We all control aperture and shutter speeds no matter the camera so for that reason it is important to use what works best for you or in this case, me. 

I personally prefer to shoot only prime lenses. There is a place for zoom and understanding them is important. Prime lenses work great in low light, open up a bit wider which is complimentary to my style and are tack sharp. Really it is all depending on what I am shooting. I use different lenses for different situations. Sooo without further ado here it is...MY TOOLS.


My Camera:

This is the end all be all for me! I shoot low light all the time in order to achieve the look I love and having a body that can preform in the settings I need is super important. I love this camera. This never leaves my side and is the single most important tool I own. Click the link above to purchase my camera! 


35mm Sigma Art f1.4

I love love love this lens. To be honest it rarely leaves my camera body. I shoot as much as I can with it. I like the fact that it makes me move, the depth and the ability to capture details is da bomb with this lens and further back is always picture perfect. The 1.4 allows for me to shoot wide open and it's always tack sharp! If I could convince you to buy one lens from the get go...this would be it. Click the link above to purchase my lens!


Canon 85mm f1.8

This is a great portrait lens! Oh and the price is great for those that are looking for a budget lens. The thing is that you can realistically shoot a whole wedding with this lens and the 35mm. I started off with this lens and my mentor made me use the living daylights out of it. Which by the way was great! This fixed lens thing makes you move, makes you find new angles and pushes you to get creative so don't be afraid of them. Did I say that this lens has little to no distortion and really shoots gorgeous shallow! I love this lens for boudoir! Click the link above to purchase my lens!